Oncology Procedures

Endovascular delivery of radiation and chemo drugs to targeted tumors in the liver and various other organs thus reducing side effects and effective.

Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment by Best Vascular Surgeons

Deep Vein Thrombosis



Retinoblastoma is a rare childhood cancer that originates in the the retina Iin the eye.

Retinoblastoma MANAGEMENT-IAC

Biliary obstruction commonly refers to blockage of the bile duct system leading to impaired bile flow from the liver into the intestinal tract.

PTBD in biliary obstruction

A percutaneous nephrostomy or nephropyelostomy is an interventional procedure that is used mostly in the decompression of the renal collecting system.

Best Vascular Clinic for Percutaneous Nephrostomy Surgery

An USG / CT- Biopsy / FNAC is an image guided procedure were a needle is placed into the area of interest / tumor / collection under direct scan visualization and the representative sample is taken for tests..


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