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Vascular Interventions is a one-stop for all Vascular treatments and renowned as Best Vascular Treatment in Hyderabad. We are known for the best Vascular Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad enriched with the best laboratory having the world-class equipment and experienced team. Under the supervision of Dr. Sridhar Reddy Baddam, we have treated many patients in and out of India. With an outstanding quality in services, we are now located at many places – Dr. AS Rao Nagar, Jubilee Hills at Hyderabad; Visakhapatnam; Vijayawada, and Guntur.

We, being the Best Vascular Treatment in Hyderabad, are pioneered in treating the patients with care and the facilities we provide. Our Services include Neuro-Vascular procedures; Non- Vascular Procedures; Peripheral Vascular Procedures and Oncology Procedures. With the mission of giving quality treatments to the patients, we are now serving as one of the Best Vascular Clinic.

About Dr. Sridhar Reddy Baddam

Dr. Sridhar Reddy

Dr. Sridhar Reddy Baddam

MD Radiology, FVIR, FPIR (USA)

Vascular & Oncointerventional Specialist

Dr. Sridhar Reddy Baddam, one of the best doctors in South India, is expertise in doing the very high-end procedures in the field of Cancer treatment. He got trained in various vascular procedures which are ranging from Image-guided Biopsies to Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm stenting to Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS). He had done Specialization Fellowship in Vascular and Interventional Radiology from P.D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai, and also worked as the Clinical Assistant in the IR department. He is also expertise in doing Day Care Procedures like Radioembolization, Chemoembolization, Vertebroplasty, Uterine Artery Embolization, Varicose Veins, and Sclerotherapy. Dr. Sridhar Reddy is also a Senior Consultant Vascular & OncoInterventional Specialist at Medicover hospitals, Hitech city. Dr. Sridhar Reddy is now one of the promising specialists by treating many patients in and around Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with a well-established clinic, Vascular Interventions at many centers – Dr. AS Rao Nagar, Hitech city at Hyderabad; Visakhapatnam; Vijayawada; and Guntur.

Our Procedures At Vascular Interventions

Best Neuro Vascular Surgery in Hyderabad

Neuro Vascular Procedures

Neurovascular intervention is the use of minimally-invasive endovascular techniques to treat vascular diseases of the brain and neck by nonsurgical methods.

Bronchial Artery Embolization

Non-Vascular Procedures

CT, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy Image guidance is used to direct fine needles to targeted lesions to take biopsies. Its the procedure of placing the tubes into the body.

Best vascular specialist in Hyderabad

Peripheral Vascular Procedures

Vascular Interventions are catheter-based procedures often used to open blocked blood vessels in people with heart and peripheral vascular diseases.

Best Vascular treatment in Hyderabad

Oncology Procedures

Endovascular delivery of radiation and chemo drugs to targeted tumors in the liver and various other organs thus reducing side effects and effective.

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Dr. Sridhar Reddy

Dr. Sridhar Reddy Baddam

MD Radiology, FVIR, FPIR (USA)
Vascular & Oncointerventional Specialist

Dr. Lakshmi

Dr. Lakshmi Sudha Karanam

M. D. FINR, MUHS, FRCR, (KEM Mumbai)
Vascular & Neurointerventional Specialist

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