Pig Tails

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Pig Tails, which is a type of non-vascular procedure, inserts the pigtail catheter with proper anesthesia. Pig Tails catheter insertion is a safe method of draining pleural fluid. We encourage its use for all cases of pleural effusion requiring chest drain except for empyema and other lobulated effusions that yielded a low success rate.

Pig Tails

 Pains in the chest, heaviness, vomiting and fever.

All procedures are done at the bedside under local anesthesia and without radiology guidance. Relevant technical aspects of pigtail catheter insertion include proper use of local anesthetic and needle insertion that hardly “walks over” the top of the rib to avoid the intercostal bundle.

 The procedure is completed in 30mins or so.

Q: Can a catheter be permanent?

A: Generally, it’s not permanent. But, these may be used permanently for the people who are elder and have a permanent injury.

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