Non Vascular Procedure

People with certain diseases require tubes to be placed into the body to receive medications or nutrients directly into the bloodstream

CL & D Procedures

It is an implanted venous access device, also known as an implanted port, placed completely under the skin.

Chemoport Insertion

A medical test performed by interventional radiologists to identify the cause of a lump or mass or other abnormal conditions

CT / USG guided RFA and Biopsy

A ureteric stent is a thin, hollow tube inserted into the ureter which connect kidneys to the urinary bladder

D.J. Stenting

It is a procedure where a small plastic tube placed into the liver in order to drain an obstructed bile duct system

Hepatobiliary Procedures

A nephrostomy creates an artificial opening in your kidney to allow urine to be drained by a different route.

Percutaneous Nephrostomy

Pigtail Catheter is used to remove unwanted fluids from a duct, abscess or organ

Pig Tails

Vertebroplasty is a pain treatment for vertebral compression fractures that fail to respond to conventional medical therapy which is intolerable.